From small to big construction, from study to installation, Phonotech carries your noise-insulation project.

  • Since 1983
  • Phonotech experience 38 years
  • Noise-reduction up to 83 dB(A)
Highlighted projects

Arena GSE Reims

The new Arena - France
The new large event room of REIMS has been equipped with a brand new PHONOTECH thermo-acoustic roof. Our products have allowed us to achieve a very important acoustic reduction in the roof, mainly in low frequencies, while keeping a reduced overall weight. Client : EIFFAGE - SOPREMA ENTREPRISE
  • Material
    Phonotech DK140
  • Aera

Bar-Le-Duc - Multifunctional Hall

Multifunctional Hall Bar-Le-Duc - France
For this wonderful multifunctional hall, Phonotech provided an optimal acoustic insulation for the roofing. Thanks to the over performing and light acoustic panels Phonotech DK180, the residents living in the neighborhood are protected from any noice disturbances.
  • Material
    Phonotech DK180
  • Area
    1.700 m²
  • Seats

Paris - La Défense Arena Stadium

Paris - France
Our company Phonotech participated in the study of the unique roof-composition of the new Paris - La Défense Arena located in Paris together with the installation company “S.A. Vincent Piront”, who was in charge to respect all the requirements for the roof-construction. The stadium is located right next to apartment buildings, which of course demanded a high noise-reduction value from inside to outside the stadium. Thanks to our Phonotech DK 140 applied in a very particular and complicated roofing-complex, all the requirements such as weight, congestion, cost, acoustic, etc. were respected. An Rw of 83 dB is a never-seen but achieved result in acoustic!
  • Material
    Phonotech DK 140
  • Surface
    30.000 m²
  • Seats

Pierre-Mauroy Stadium

Lille - France
Sports events, as well as music concerts are organized inside this big theatre. The noise had to be kept inside the stadium to avoid noise disturbance in the neighbourhood. Our Phonotech DK 80 applied on the movable roof achieved a noise reduction attaining a Rw value of 55 dB! Phonotech made the client very happy by successfully increasing the sound barrier of the stadium.
  • Material
    Phonotech DK80
  • Surface
    35.000 m²
  • Seats

Country Hall

Liège - Belgium
The country hall located in Liège (Belgium) is an event complex welcoming concerts and sport events such as basketball matches. The building is in a quiet area with other buildings such as research centres, universities, hospitals, etc. The noise issues are therefore quite important. The problem was solved with our Phonotech DK 105 and its roof-application. Sports matches and concerts can therefore be enjoyed without disturbing the neighbourhood.
  • Material
    Phonotech DK 100
  • Surface
    5.000 m²

Ethias Arena

Hasselt - Belgium
The « Ethias Arena » of Hasselt is a well-known event hall in Belgium. The music hall was not originally studied with a soundproofing roof. The different complains of the citizens living close by convinced the final client to increase the acoustic barrier. Together with the company - S.A. Vincent Piront -, the Phonotech mass-spring system was directly constructed on the existing roof. The results are so impressive that the final client considered the idea to install the Phonotech technology on the existing walls as well for an even more performant isolation.
  • Surface

Insulation of 8000 houses at Schiphol

Amsterdam - Netherlands
Phonotech was consulted to isolate 8000 houses located nearby Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. People were suffering from all the different aircrafts noises landing and departing from the airport. A solution was therefore found by Phonotech due to its experience in dealing with this kind of issue. The houses have been acoustically isolated from the interior on the walls and ceilings to fight against the noise.
  • Material
    Phonotech PH 83
  • Houses

An event complex in the Netherlands

Breda - Netherlands
Phonotech participated in the ͞Breepark Project͟ located in Breda (Netherlands). This project refers to the construction of a big event-complex containing different buildings such as restaurants, bars, shops, event halls, etc. Thanks to its Phonotech DK 180 and its roof-application, our company successfully isolated the concert-hall of the complex to avoid music noise issues with the other buildings and people living close by.
  • Material
    Phonotech DK 180
  • Surface
    8.300 m²

Area Al Trappe

Liège - Belgium
Our company Phonotech had the chance to participate in the renovation project for all the homes in the area Al Trappe. Via the company S.A. Vincent Piront, who was in charge of this roofing-renovation project, we had the opportunity to share our acoustic knowledge. The purpose was to reduce the noise pollution form the aircraft departing and landing in Liege-airport located nearby. The Phonotech panels have been placed directly on the existing bitumen roofs.
  • Material
    Phonotech DK120
  • Surface
    6.000 m²

An event complex in Ghent

Gand - Belgium
The old fish mine of Gand (Belgium) had been renovated into an event complex with music halls, restaurants and bars. With our Phonotech DK 140, the building was perfectly isolated due to our roof-application system to protect people outside from the restaurants and music noises. With only a weight of 97kg/m², we achieved an Ra-pop of 54,7 dB(A) with a FR of 60 minutes.
  • Material
    Phonotech DK 145
  • Surface
    2000 m²

The Dendermonde Library

Dendermonde - Belgium
Not only buildings containing an elevated level of noise are our target. The Phonotech can isolate in both directions, meaning that it can protect a building-interior from the outside noise as well. In Dendermonde (Netherlands) we installed the Phonotech DK160 on the library roof in order to fight against the city noise and keep a quiet environment inside the building for students and book-readers.
  • Material
    Phonotech DK 160
  • Surface
    1000 m²