Dabso ART

The first decorative acoustic panel

Made-to-measure acoustic panels

Are the standard dimensions of Dabso panels not suitable for your project? Dabso can design an acoustic panel to the dimensions of your choice.

The advantages of a made-to-measure acoustic panel :

  • They are adapted to the size and configuration of your room.
  • Image and finish are customizable.
  • Dimensions of a made-to-measure frame can be up to 600x600 cm.
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Dabso ART on the ceiling

No available space on your vertical walls?

A mounting kit will be provided with the panel to hang your Dabso ART at the desired height.

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Watch our Dabso ART acoustic panels' performance in video.

We placed 3 acoustic panels of 1.5m² each in a large, reverberating hallway of a residential building.

The result is impressive.

Our finishes

Dabso offers a variety of high-quality finishes, allowing Dabso ART panels to fit into any space.

More details on our Dabso ART solution?

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A micro-perforated canvas

Printing on micro-perforated canvas allows for better acoustic absorption.

Do you prefer a standard-sized panel?

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