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Advantages of Acoustic Insulation in ERP Buildings: A Necessity for Quality Coexistence

Advantages of Acoustic Insulation in ERP Buildings: A Necessity for Quality Coexistence

Reducing noise for neighboring residents

The impact of poor acoustic treatment of an Arena is colossal for nearby residents (loss of comfort, loss of property value, etc.). The real estate valuation of a neighborhood suffers when an event hall located therein is poorly executed in terms of noise reduction.

After a pandemic that greatly influenced the rediscovery of personal living spaces and investment in quality and comfort, it seems unimaginable not to pay particular attention to excellent cohabitation between large event hall projects and residents wishing to improve their quality of life.

Users of an event infrastructure

Acoustic isolation is not only a concern for neighboring residents; it can also enhance the experience of Arena users. Good acoustic treatment can minimize sound reverberation, improving sound quality in the hall. Optimal acoustic comfort also reduces auditory confusion among spectators and significantly enhances their experience by providing acoustic comfort, naturally inviting them to want to relive a quality moment. Increasing the performance of an event hall inevitably involves optimal acoustic treatment.

Compliance with environmental standards

There are several solutions to create acoustic reduction in a hall and address this building issue. However, not all systems are efficient, let alone in line with the RE2020.

Either too much steel, too much concrete, sometimes both. The ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 will necessarily change the design of our real estate projects. The challenge is to propose a system that allows both acoustic reduction, thermals, structural lightness, greening, photovoltaics, and environmental respect.

By combining these points, we can develop sustainable projects that add value to the infrastructure, allowing for possible building conversion but also limited carbon impact aligned with the trajectory of 2050.


Phonotech, the ideal acoustic isolation solution for urban Arenas

Phonotech is a product that perfectly meets the expectations for thermo-acoustic insulation for cultural halls in urban environments.

The Phonotech range comes with a multitude of systems to meet various requirements. Sometimes acoustic reduction, sometimes absorption, sometimes photovoltaic installation, sometimes greening.

Imagine being able to combine everything in one system while respecting the environment through a low carbon label, an Atech, and an Atex.

  • Phonotech was chosen for the roof treatment of the new ADIDAS ARENA (Porte de la Chapelle in Paris). The requirements were as follows: RAtr = 62dB, greening, R(dB)63hz = 34.9dB. We responded with our system under Atex TP90PB-E400-DK140-PBS.
  • Phonotech was chosen for the roof treatment of the LDLC ARENA in Lyon. The requirements were as follows: RAtr = 68dB, R(dB)63hz = 39.4dB, photovoltaic. We responded with our system under Atex TP90-DK140-Arena.

We paid particular attention to ease of implementation and quick installation. Therefore, allowing for a very interesting cost/benefit ratio.

There is definitely the ideal solution for your project in the Phonotech range.

To find out more about our insulation panels and made-to-measure solutions, contact us.