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Phonotech: Expert in Building Acoustic Insulation

Phonotech: Expert in Building Acoustic Insulation

Improving acoustics in urban areas has become a major challenge. It has a direct impact on public health and the quality of life for city dwellers.

Phonotech excels in developing cutting-edge acoustic solutions. Its expertise lies not only in stopping sound transmission between different spaces but also in improving indoor acoustics. The company offers a wide range of applications, from residential renovations to the insulation of buildings hosting public events (Adidas Arena, Paris la Défense Arena, LDLC Arena Lyon, Reims Arena, CO’Met Orléans, Grand Stade de Lille, etc.). Meet Guillaume Piront, CEO of Phonotech.

How do Phonotech systems revolutionize acoustic insulation?

Phonotech has developed an innovative thermo-acoustic system that adapts to the specifics of each project, applicable to various building installations such as partitions, ceilings, floors, and roofs.

Phonotech panels integrate multiple layers of materials designed to maximize acoustic performance. Once installed, the system ensures complete decoupling of the structure, preventing any transmission of vibrations and guaranteeing exceptional results across all frequencies. Designed for easy handling, Phonotech acoustic panels can be installed by a single operator, offering an intuitive, simple, and fast installation process.

With its extensive experience in the acoustic field, Phonotech has developed hundreds of constructive systems, all rigorously tested in acoustic laboratories to ensure maximum performance. These products also stand out for their very low carbon impact, significantly contributing to the environmental sustainability of projects.

Phonotech, a global acoustic expertise in building?

In France, Phonotech orchestrates the development of roof acoustic coverings that integrate the technologies of its products and consider the overall aspects of the project, such as green roofs, the installation of photovoltaic panels, and adaptation to the structural characteristics of the framework. These lightweight systems allow for a significant weight reduction, thus optimizing the load-bearing structure.

The performance of Phonotech systems is confirmed in the field: for example, the roof of Paris Défense Arena shows a sound reduction of 83 dB, making it the most efficient acoustic roof in the world. This performance allows residents of adjacent buildings to enjoy their terraces without any noise disturbance, even during the loudest concerts. This technical mastery reflects Phonotech’s DNA and its commitment to customer satisfaction by offering easy-to-install and highly efficient products.

But Phonotech is also and above all about indoor acoustic correction. It manufactures its specific panels (PH range) for vertical interior walls and ceilings, significantly reducing sound transmission between different housing units. Interior resonance is also addressed by Phonotech. The DABSO decorative panel is the best value for money currently on the market for addressing resonance problems. This discreet and aesthetic solution can be customized to meet the specific needs of each space. Whether it's open-plan offices, meeting rooms, schools, hospitals, restaurants, or simple homes, the DABSO range significantly improves the acoustics of various premises.

What are the development prospects?

The quality of the sound environment is a crucial aspect of individual health and well-being in urban areas. Aware of these challenges, Phonotech is committed to using ecological materials with low carbon impact, contributing to sustainable development. As part of its expansion and considering its expertise, Phonotech plans to extend its acoustic expertise across the entire European market.

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