CO'Met Centre Orléans Métropole


Centre Orléans Métropole

For the CO'Met project (Centre Orléans Métropole), the acoustic design office has placed its trust in Phonotech solutions.

The new Palais des Congrès is equipped with a layer of Phonotech DK200 panels which will allow the roof to form an excellent sound barrier.

For the Sports Hall, the choice fell on our Phonotech TP160-DK80 system, slightly reworked to meet the specific needs of the site. This single skin system also has the particularity of improving the acoustic comfort inside the hall at low frequencies.

Philharmonic Hall :
  • 1,500m² of acoustic roofing
  • Composition: perforated ribbed sheets, insulation, particle board, Phonotech DK200, waterproofing
Sports hall :
  • 9,500m² of acoustic roofing
  • Composition: perforated plates, insulation, chipboard, Phonotech DK80, waterproofing
  • Material

    Phonotech DK200

  • Area


System used :