La Défense Arena Stadium

Paris - La Défense Arena Stadium

Paris - France

Our company Phonotech participated in the study of the unique roof-composition of the new Paris - La Défense Arena located in Paris together with the installation company “S.A. Vincent Piront”, who was in charge to respect all the requirements for the roof-construction.

The stadium is located right next to apartment buildings, which of course demanded a high noise-reduction value from inside to outside the stadium.

Thanks to our Phonotech DK 140 applied in a very particular and complicated roofing-complex, all the requirements such as weight, congestion, cost, acoustic, etc. were respected. An Rw of 83 dB is a never-seen but achieved result in acoustic!
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  • Material

    Phonotech DK140

  • Area

    30.000 m²

  • Seats


System used :